What is “FIND YOU. FIND JOY.” Coaching?

Everyone’s journey is different but there is generally a time in a person’s life when they wonder if there is more to life than where they are at.

Setting effective personal and professional goals that align with your interests, values, strengths and uniqueness, are the keys to success and living a purpose filled life with meaningful joy. If you are ready for self-discovery, authentic living, and goal achievement, then LET’S GET GOALING.

Who Is This For?

Whether you’re the enthusiastic go-getter, the hamster on a wheel employee, the stressed beyond a mess moma, the midlife contemplator, the burned out executive, the overwhelmed single mom, the flailing college student, the hum drum retiree, or anyone else seeking passion, purpose and motivation to complete their life goals, then this is for you.

If you are looking to go from goal setting to goal getting, then I’ll help you get there. I want you to experience a life of joy and endless possibilities!

What Is My Role as Your Coach?

I’m here to SUPPORT, INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE, and HELP YOU DISCOVER the life you were created to live. I believe that in order to find true happiness in our lives, we need to be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Although I’m passionate about my Christian faith, I coach many clients coming from different faiths (my husband is actually Jewish), and even those who don’t subscribe to any faith at all. EVERYONE’S JOURNEY IS DIFFERENT, and I am here to JOURNEY WITH YOU. Everyone is welcome! No judgment, No forceful coaching – just pure support, guidance and compassion as you journey toward self discovery, self confidence, and self fulfillment. Together we will make your goals a reality.

Here's What You Can Expect

Accomplish your goals
Get direction with your life
Experience career satisfaction
Discover personal fulfillment
Manage competing priorities
Live healthier and happier
Overcome limiting beliefs
Rekindle your excitement
Re-ignite your passion
Deepen Your spirituality

Find out who you are
Discover your strengths
Clarify your purpose
Align your values and goals
Gain confidence
Live authentically
Conquer your fears
Reduce stress
Reignite motivation

This coaching is for YOU if you want to:

Here’s what you can expect:

‣ Find out who you are
‣ Discover your strengths
‣ Clarify your purpose
‣ Align your values
‣ Gain confidence
‣ Live authentically
‣ Conquer your fears
‣ Reduced stress
‣ Reignite motivation
‣ Experience joy

what we will do?

We will co-creatively work together, with you as the expert of your life and me the expert of the coaching process. Coaching is tailored to you and your individual needs, regardless of where you are in the goal getting process.

Whether helping you discover who you are or helping you accomplish your goals (both interrelated), I’ll support you every step of the way. I’ll ask open ended questions to help get you unstuck as you think of possibilities and different perspectives.  You will learn to stop limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors while also finding healthy ways to cope with stress.  You will discover what is holding you back from a life of meaningful joy and create action steps to get there.

Together we will discover your gifts and find out what truly matters to you so you can better understand yourself, take control of your life, and live more purposefully.

Your goals will change from dreams of the past to the reality of your present and future. You will re-energize, re-motivate, and re-ignite your passions as you begin living the life you were created to live. My greatest joy will be witnessing your transformation as you realize the potential within yourself.

Why is

“Find You.
Find Joy”

Coaching important?

To reach your goals and live a life you love, it is important to understand yourself.  I believe we were all created by God for a purpose. That’s right – even you were created for something special in this world!  There is nothing greater and more fulfilling than discovering and living that purpose which will be reflected in the goals you accomplish. Sometimes it just takes the help of a neutral supportive person (that would be me) to get you going in the right direction and make the journey a little easier, a little more enjoyable and a whole lot quicker.  

If you are ready to be a goal getter and start living a life of purpose each day, then let’s talk.

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what they say...

Maria is one of the best life coaches I know for women in mid-life and beyond! She has such vast life experiences and training so she can help women on a very deep & transformative level! Top personal recommendation from me!!
Jennifer I.
Maria is a first rate coach. Her sweet disposition is comforting and reassuring. Working with her has allowed me to shift my perspective and overcome my hurdles. Thank you Maria for the value you have added to my life.
Lori B.
I was considering a career change and possibly graduate school. Through extensive assessments and our discussions, Maria helped me sort out what was important to me and figure out a way forward. Maria is a great listener. She remembered details and made suggestions I would not have thought of. I really appreciated her positivity and looked forward to our sessions.
Holly L.

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